The trade names ‘Absolute Discos™’, ‘Absolute DJs™’, ‘DJs4U™’, and variants ‘Absolute DJs & Discos™’, ‘Absolute Discos & DJs™’ ‘Absolute DJs & Absolute Discos™’ belong to and have been used legitimately as branding and trading names online and offline by the NZ owners of the Auckland (NZ) based business of Absolute Discos. ‘Absolute Discos™’ since 1987. ‘Absolute DJs™’ ‘DJs4U™’ since 2003. ‘Absolute DJs & Discos™’ since 2005. ‘Absolute Discos & DJs™’ since 2005. ‘Absolute DJs & Absolute Discos™’ since 2005.
We have not given any other person or entity our consent to use these. Others’ unauthorised use by parties other than us breeches the Fair Trading Act and is ‘trading off’.
As we have no business connection with them we cannot endorse their performances, or their businesses, even though their brand names may bear similarity to ours.
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